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Matt Finkelstein


At West Wing Writers, Matt Finkelstein approaches every project with a journalist’s eye, a researcher’s rigor, and a storyteller’s imagination.

After the 2008 election, Matt moved from New York to Washington, DC — and from magazine journalism to progressive advocacy. As a researcher at Media Matters, he learned how even subtle shifts in language can shape the public’s perception of key issues. He also helped launch and eventually became Editor-in-Chief of a new initiative called Political Correction.

During the 2012 cycle, Matt served as the Director of Online Content at American Bridge 21st Century. As part of the organization’s leadership team, he worked closely with some of the most experienced political researchers and campaign strategists in the country. And he saw firsthand how meticulous research, deployed effectively, can change the narrative in an instant.

Since joining the firm in 2014, Matt has crafted messaging on a wide range of topics — from medicine and manufacturing to global development and the gig economy — while demonstrating a rare ability to synthesize complex ideas into clear and compelling arguments. His work for clients has appeared in the opinion pages of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, on primetime television, and at public forums on six continents.

Matt earned his Master of Arts in Writing from Johns Hopkins University, where he studied the craft of narrative nonfiction. He has published under his own byline in Moment Magazine, The Washington Post, The Forward, The Daily Beast, and Esquire.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Matt is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Columbia Publishing Course. He lives in Washington, DC, with his wife and son.

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