Sarah Gruen

Sarah Gruen


The first speech Sarah Gruen wrote was a state of the union address. It wasn’t that state of the union. But it was delivered in front of an audience of thousands for the head of one of America’s most important labor unions. 

At West Wing Writers, Sarah has written for Fortune 500 CEOs, Emmy Award-winning actors, and visionary leaders in government, technology, and philanthropy. Her words — on topics ranging from diversity and inclusion, to ethical technology, to the future of higher education — have been read in academic journals and national publications, and have been heard at college commencements and international conferences.

Sarah also brings to the firm extensive experience in sketch comedy and humor writing. She has penned jokes, toasts, and roasts for industry leaders — as well as for McSweeney’s under her own name.

Previously, Sarah worked at a major law firm in New York City. She graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University with degrees in political science and English.

Originally from Connecticut, Sarah currently lives in New York City, where she runs an amateur wedding cake business out of her Manhattan-sized apartment.

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