Shaan Heng-Devan

Shaan Heng-Devan


Before Shaan Heng-Devan penned speeches delivered at the United Nations and the Vatican, he taught courses in both English and speech at a southwest Chicago high school, serving primarily Mexican immigrant students.

Shaan trained his students to research, prepared them to craft persuasive arguments, and encouraged them to speak up — for themselves and their communities. An immigrant himself, he taught his students that writing can be a way to make sense of this ever-changing country, and, sometimes, the best way to reshape that country for the better.

Since joining West Wing Writers, Shaan has scripted flagship events for one of the world’s largest technology companies, penned commencements and op-eds for leaders of global foundations, and written for a wide range of speakers at an international summit on climate change. He has written for stakeholders across four continents — from CEOs to youth activists — and coached speakers on the ground for events in three countries.

Born in Singapore, Shaan was raised in Austin, Texas. He holds a bachelor’s in English from the University of Chicago, where he met his wife Cindy.

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