In addition to writing for clients, we’ve written our own books to wide acclaim, contributed op-eds and articles to newspapers and online news outlets, and appeared internationally on TV and radio news programs.  Here is some of our recent work.

Did John F. Kennedy and the Democrats Steal the 1960 Election?

In Campaign of the Century, Irwin Gellman seeks to upend our understanding of the 1960 race, not least the matter of which man won it.

Book Review for The New York Times

Here’s Why You’re Wrong for Supporting Either In-Person or Virtual School

I can’t believe what I’m hearing. You want our kids to be forced to return to [IN-PERSON/VIRTUAL] learning? Have you no empathy?

Essay for McSweeney’s

Hinge Profiles for the Sanderson Sisters

Age: 666
Height: 5’11” (180’ on my broomstick)
Location: Bicoastal — splitting time between Salem, Massachusetts and the fiery pits of Hades

Essay for Little Old Lady Comedy

A House Finch’s Seven Tips for Buying Your First Luxury Home

I’m not just a House Finch, I’m a Home Finch.

Essay for The Belladonna

Can CEOs Save Us?

In the struggle for equity and economic opportunity, companies have significant tools in their kits.

Essay on LinkedIn

Other Days of Awe

The ten holy days beginning with Rosh Hashanah and ending with Yom Kippur are commonly known as Yamim Noraim, the “Days of Awe.” But did you know the Torah specifies these other, lesser known Days of Awe, too?

Essay for Points in Case

This Study Has Found Literally Every Activity You Love Is Statistically Certain to Kill You

And as it turns out, those small joys have big consequences.

Essay for McSweeney’s

O.K., but Would You Still Be Vegan in These Scenarios Which I Just Made Up?

What about honey?

Essay for The New Yorker

John Glenn, John Kennedy, and the New Battleground of the Cold War

Jeff Shesol discusses his book Mercury Rising, a riveting history of the epic orbital flight that put America back into the space race.

Interview with Talks at Google

An Anthology of Great Speeches, from the Inspirational to the Ominous

Our sense of what constitutes a great speech is, as ever, evolving. So is our sense of who might deliver one.

Book Review for the Washington Post

Orations Worth Ovations
Our speechwriters analyze great speeches (real or fictional, historic or personal) and explain what makes them so good.
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