Cameron Beach

Cameron Beach

Senior Account Executive

While reporting on the failures of the North Carolina criminal justice system, Cameron learned the power of stories to make us care — about our institutions, about our world, and about one another.

She took that lesson to Hamilton Place Strategies, where she worked with companies, coalitions, and nonprofits to shape their own narratives. From penning op-eds alongside former FCC Commissioners to supporting tech startups fight for voting rights, Cameron helped thought leaders tell stories that matter.

Now at West Wing Writers, Cameron writes with that same eye for a good story. She works with companies to shape groundbreaking new technology into meaningful narratives, making innovation accessible to all. Her words help tech trailblazers build brand leadership, shape messaging, and inspire audiences.

Originally from Chicago, Cameron flew down to North Carolina to escape Illinois’ arctic winters — and to attend Duke University, where she graduated summa cum laude with degrees in Political Science and Policy Journalism. When she wasn't reporting for the local paper or freelancing as a ghostwriter, Cameron was training for marathons and baking more cookies than she could possibly consume (or both, in rapid succession).

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