Ellie Schaack

Ellie Schaack

Senior Director

Ellie Schaack’s first taste of speechwriting was helping Senator Mark Udall craft remarks in favor of the 2013 immigration reform bill. The bill passed the Senate two days later. Ellie never looked back.

Since first joining West Wing Writers in 2014, she’s written for leading voices on sustainability, global development, and women’s empowerment, including a Fortune 50 CEO, an Oscar winner, and a senior member of the Obama administration. She’s taken the pen on headline keynotes, viral commencement speeches, and New York Times bestselling books, and been featured herself in a Washington Post profile, “Steal this Job: Speechwriter.”

Ellie holds a cum laude degree in political science and English from Duke University and was an Angier B. Duke and Alice M. Baldwin Scholar. While at Duke, she wrote the student newspaper’s most read column. She also learned how to sing opera, program computers, and — most surprising for her — actually care about college basketball.

Originally from Colorado, Ellie now lives in Washington, DC.

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