Gemma Simoes Decarvalho

Gemma Simoes Decarvalho

Account Executive

Gemma Simoes Decarvalho began her career in the publishing industry, where she was confronted with a hard but essential truth: good writing is really just good editing — and no one’s first draft is perfect.

Today, at West Wing Writers, Gemma brings her editorial acumen to bear for Fortune 500 companies and industry-leading executives — helping them introduce their ideas to the world and their products to the market.

Before coming to West Wing, Gemma interned for literary agencies and independent presses, deploying her editorial skills to transform manuscripts from first draft to final copy. In Fall 2020, she earned her publishing certificate from Columbia University’s School of Journalism.

Previously, Gemma graduated with honors from Johns Hopkins University, where she majored in writing seminars. While at Hopkins, Gemma wrote a collection of short stories and earned her department’s Chaffee Writing Prize, recognizing the performance and promise of her work.

When Gemma’s not writing, you can find her brunching, de-coding Taylor Swift’s TikToks, and walking her geriatric chihuahua very slowly around the block.

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