Mark Grindy

Mark Grindy

Senior Director

In November 2011, Mark Grindy showed up for his first day of work as a speechwriter at the Chicago headquarters of Obama for America. For 364 days, he wrote for the campaign’s highest-profile supporters — athletes, entertainers, political leaders — and sometimes even went home to sleep.

Mark has come to appreciate that communication is, at its best, a means of personal connection. He feels fortunate to have helped many of the world’s most engaging personalities shape their ideas, share their stories, and move audiences to action.

Since Mark joined West Wing Writers in 2013, his work has taken shape in virtually every format, from keynotes to core narratives and blog posts to books. He has partnered with nonprofits to reinvigorate supporters, union leaders to rally members, and business leaders to refocus global organizations. He has worked with investors to recruit the right entrepreneurs — and vice versa. He has collaborated with performers known for their memorable characters as they share their own hopes, reflections, and inspiration. He has joined with policy wonks from competing parties to tell the story of how they found common ground. And he continues to help problem solvers of all kinds chase down ambitious visions and convince others to join up in the pursuit. 

Mark is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and has championed his home state in word, in deed, and in the pages of The Wall Street Journal. You betcha his Minnesota accent emerges on occasion.

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