Tatenda Rameau

Tatenda Rameau


Tatenda creates connections across language, cultural, and geographic barriers — from the earliest inceptions of an idea to the final delivery of a message.

At West Wing Writers, she channels her professional and educational experiences from France, Ghana, and the United States into culturally sensitive problem-solving and messaging. Whether she’s writing for public officials or Fortune 500 CEOs, she knows how to reach target audiences and bring every story to life.

Prior to joining West Wing Writers, Tatenda worked at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Washington DC and the International Court of Arbitration in Paris. Both positions led her to the same conclusion: a persuasive argument must be a good story.

She has also worked on several American political campaigns, most notably the Angel for Judge campaign in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her messaging strategy, op-eds, and social media posts helped her candidate defeat a 12-year incumbent.

Tatenda ran track and field at Wellesley College and graduated with a degree in political science. Now, she lives in the Washington, DC area, where she studies theatre and nurses her boba addiction.

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